Why Adam likes to call at weddings.

Having a ceilidh at your party.

Ceilidhs are a great way for all the family to do something together. All the dances are easy, and explained to everyone at the same time, with a chance to walk through. It's a pretty level playing field; most people are picking it up as they go along, and people with two left feet and people who love to dance get an equal chance to play their part in the dances. Part of the skill of the caller is to judge the ability of the participants; to choose dances that everyone can do, while keeping the better dancers interested.

You have to decide whether a ceilidh will work for your family, your friends, your guests. It usually needs a few ringleaders to get people on the dance floor, and a few beers often helps people get into the mood to dance, although a few more beers usually stops people dancing... If the guests don't see each other often and get on well and the party is short, you may find they want to talk to each other more than they want to dance. On the other hand if you have a party that is going on for a long time, with people that see each other regularly and don't all necessarily get on so well, a ceilidh gives them something to do; weddings a great examples of parties like that.

I really like working with wedding guests. As a rule, they are keen to have a good time, they really have something to celebrate and they want the Bride and Groom to have a good time and remember a great day.